Uptown Massage

A therapeutic way toward better sleep

About the Practitioner

 Jeff Goldstein  Massage Therapist 

Completed 900 hours of intensive training at CenterPoint School of Massage and Shiatsu.

Nationally Certified by the NCTMB 

Studied Advanced theraputic techniques under Jackson Petersburg, who is a nationally renowned practioner in Trigger Point Therapy.

Completed advanced training in both Hospital Massage and Hand and Foot Reflexology.

I am a volunteer service provider at Pathways of Minneapolis.  Pathways provides services and resources to people who are experiencing a life threatenting illness.

My overall practice strategy is something I call:  "Contact Release and Change":

All of us carry our physical and emotional stress deep within taut muscle fibers and fascia.  This can occur in almost any region of the body.  It is my objective to find what I call these "Hidden Gems" and work with you in a collaborative fashion with the intent and focus on permanent healing.

People ask me all the time why I would go from successful corporate life to such a physical vocation and my answer is that I know how massage therapy helped me in my most stressful moments, and I want others to experience that healing.  Studies have statistically proven that massage therapy decreases Cortisol levels (stress) and increases production of Serotonin and Dopamine. 


In my spare time I am a professional jazz pianist and composer.  You can find my music on Itunes, Spotify or cdbaby.com.